Nearing retirement and want to ensure you're comfortable?


We help you create a clear vision of what you want and need to be comfortable, for life.

Once we understand your current situation and what is important to you, we create a plan to minimise tax, grow your wealth with investments that are comfortable for you, and ensure your protection aspects are in order, like wills and insurance.

Our clients typically express a significant reduction in stress and anxiety levels.

Ultimately you will have:

  1. CLARITY of where you are now and where you want to be;
  2. CONFIDENCE that you’ve taken control of your investment and other critical financial decisions; and
  3. CERTAINTY that your family and future is protected for a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

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Your Adviser

“Financial planning is more about people than money.”

Hi, my name’s Paul Stephan and I specialise in pre-retirement planning for highly skilled workers in Mining, Oil & Gas and FIFO, who are seeking Financial Clarity, Confidence & Certainty.

When I first meet my clients they often:

  • feel like they’re paying too much tax;
  • have underperforming investments they aren’t sure whether to hold or sell; and
  • don’t properly understand their super or how to maximise it for their retirement.

They often feel frustrated that they’re working hard and earning high income, but don’t seem to be getting ahead as much as they had envisaged.

They’re usually unsure what to do with their employee share plans, concerned that they don’t have a structured investment plan in place and typically don’t have a strategy to maximise their final years of income earning, to create a prosperous retirement lifestyle.

Most are also aware, they can’t afford to make a costly mistake so close to retirement as time to recover is running out.

Paul has coached, educated, and guided clients to navigate financial complexities in order to move towards their dreams and seen them grow in confidence and understanding, allowing them to  achieve the higher quality of life and security they aspired to.

Paul Stephan
MFinPlan, CFP, FChFP, JP
Master Financial Planner
Certified Financial Planner
Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner
Justice of Peace

Why Choose Us

  • Tailored, high quality advice – from one of Australia’s highest formally credentialed advisers with over 20 years’ experience.
  • Easy to understand – Advice and concepts are always explained in terms that you will understand.
  • Online facilitation – If or when you need, we have the ability to facilitate meetings online.
  • Flexibility – We can provide one-off advice or ongoing advice depending on your needs.
  • Ongoing Support – We have advice packages to provide you with ongoing support and care.


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